Single-Manager Funds

MitonOptimal South Africa has given mandates to third-party asset managers on most of our single-asset manager funds. The purpose of these funds is to serve as specialist components within portfolios and other Multi-Asset Funds. The specific classes of these funds qualify in terms of the South Africa Tax-Free Savings Regulations (TFSA) and are designed to be priced competitively, in order to achieve each desired outcome in a cost-efficient manner.

MitonOptimal also offers a range of Multi-Asset funds.

FundsFund ObjectiveRisk Level Indicator
IP Interest Plus Fund A ClassThe Fund is a specialist income portfolio with moderate risk limits that seeks diversity, reasonable yield enhancement, moderate liquidity and relatively low volatility through constrained interest rate positions.

The Fund shall at all times run in accordance with the limits, instructions and guidelines contained within Regulation 28 governing the behaviour of pension funds. MitonOptimal has mandated Ashburton Investments to manage this fund who have appointed Arno Lawrenz and Albert Botha as portfolio managers.
Low Risk

IP High Conviction Equity Fund A ClassThe IP High Conviction Equity Fund is a domestic, general equity portfolio. The investment objective of the Fund is to provide sustainable capital appreciation over the medium to long term. The Fund will typically hold, subject to regulatory limits, between 16 and 25 equity securities. The Fund shall have no exposure to other asset classes, and shall explicitly exclude fixed interest, listed property and foreign investments. This Fund is suitable for the sophisticated investor who understands the risks of being exposed to equity. High Risk
IP High Conviction Equity Fund B2 Class
IP High Conviction Equity Fund C Class

IP Active Beta Fund A ClassThe primary objective of the Fund is to target a total return of inflation plus 5% over rolling four-year periods. In so doing, the Fund will aim to outperform a fixed asset allocation benchmark, over the same rolling period, through active asset allocation. Given the nature of the Fund, a secondary objective is to keep the Total Expense Ratio (TER) as low as possible to ensure that unnecessary costs do not hinder performance.Moderate to High Risk

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Regulatory Information

MitonOptimal South Africa (Pty) Limited is an Authorised Financial Services Provider License No. 28160,  regulated by the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) - Registration No. 2005/032750/07.

MitonOptimal Portfolio Management (Pty) Limited is an Authorised Financial Services Provider License No. 734, regulated by the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) – Registered No. 2000/000717/07.



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