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MitonOptimal South Africa (Pty) Limited and MitonOptimal Portfolio Management (Pty) Limited are a part of the MitonOptimal group of companies. They are focussed on delivering Discretionary Fund Management (DFM), Private Client, Institutional Asset Consulting and Fund Management Services to the African Continent.

About Us

MitonOptimal South Africa (Pty) Limited and MitonOptimal Portfolio Management (Pty) Limited are a part of the MitonOptimal group of companies. Our South Africa offices are focussed on delivering Discretionary Fund Management (DFM), Private Client, Institutional Asset Consulting and Fund Management Services to the African Continent.

The MitonOptimal group of companies is an independent multi-asset investment manager, majority owned by our management and directors. We employ over 70 staff across offices in Guernsey, South Africa, United Kingdom, Isle of Man and Singapore. With combined assets under management (AUM) of approximately GPB880m, our highly experienced investment management team has been investing MitonOptimal client money for over 16 years. We offer a broad range of global Discretionary Fund Management (DFM), Portfolio Management, Managed Model Portfolios, Institutional Asset Consulting and regulated funds services to our clients, via well-established and regulated distribution channels across Europe, Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, The Middle East and South America.

Scott Campbell, the Group’s Managing Director and Chief Investment Officer, initially established MitonOptimal in 2002. Today, focussing on our primary service offering of Discretionary Fund Management (DFM), Portfolio Management, Managed Model Portfolios and Institutional Asset Consulting services, we cater for a diverse spectrum of private clients, independent financial advisers (IFAs), Fiduciaries, family offices and Trustees/institutional clients around the globe.

In our role as Investment Managers, the common denominator across all of our products and services is Global Multi-Asset Management. Our investment philosophy is unashamedly simple, “diversification, through unconstrained global asset allocation, within an absolute mindset”, with the aim of achieving our clients’ objectives, through the management and control of risk. We are a closely knit team of professionals that recognise the importance of focus. That focus does not simply translate to our approach to investment management services; it also reflects our strong belief in offering our clients face to face, personalised relationships with their investment manager. We treat the client exactly how we would wish to be treated.


Meet the South Africa Investment Management Committee

The Investment Management Committee (IMC) consists of professional investment staff from across the MitonOptimal South Africa, utilising their collective experience and skills to monitor global markets and proactively manage the investment decisions of the MitonOptimal South Africa team.

“Please, sir, I want some more…”

South African budget 2019/2020 review You have to hand it to Tito Mboweni, he was dealt some pretty bad cards and did the best he could in the 2019/2020 budget. He had to walk a fine line between saying something the rating agencies wanted to hear, avoid killing...

SA and Global Asset Allocation Overview – Q4, 2018

At MitonOptimal we take asset allocation (AA) very seriously, taking into consideration both Strategic AA (5-7 years) and Tactical AA within the various asset classes. In that context, this quarterly piece provides insight into our short-term tactical calls on a...

What exactly is ESG investing?

The latest TLA (three letter acronym) rolling off asset managers’ tongues at every conference is ESG. Every manager claims to espouse the principles of ESG in their fundamental research process and when pressed for a sound bite to quote their adoption of ESG, one is...

Market update

In the last week, world equity markets, as measured by the MSCI World Index, have dipped back into “correction” territory with the benchmark in question having fallen back below the -10% mark (at the time of writing -11.24% in USD terms) from its September peak. The...

US mid-term elections (don’t underestimate the female voter)

As the dust has settled, post the 6th November mid-term elections, we share with our readers what we have learnt post the election results. Firstly, as it is now well known, the Democrats have won the House of Representatives, winning the seats they needed to take...

What catalyst(s) do we need for a recovery in Emerging Market and SA Risk Assets?

It has been a devastating eight months for investors in Emerging Market (EM) bonds and equities. In US$ terms, investors in EM equities (using the MSCI EM ETF as proxy) have now faced four years of basically zero returns, while the MSCI South Africa ETF is now down...

Bon Voyage John Authers

Financial Times contributor John Authers wrote his last “The Long View” article on the weekend after 12 years in harness at the pink paper. We at MitonOptimal have long, excuse the pun, been readers of his articles as sensible and pragmatic journalism on investment...

Asset Allocation – Alternative Funds

One aspect of our multi-asset fund asset allocation that has historically taken up a lot of airtime during investment committee meetings is that of the ‘alternative’ sector, which can often be rather subjective in its interpretation and the subsequent merits about...

Podcast: Shaun McDade appears on Fine Business Radio – Cape Town

Shaun McDade discusses the latest market data in conversation with Lindsay Williams, on Cape Town’s Fine Business Radio show. (July 23, 2018) [Source: FMR101.3 – Lindsay Williams – July 23, 2018]   The show’s host, Lindsay Williams ([email protected]), presents...

Quarterly Market Video Report – Q2, 2018

Shaun McDade answers questions, in the MitonOptimal quarterly market video report Q2-2018, on the performance of the markets during Q2-2018 and the short-term outlook for the remainder of 2018.  Shaun is the Joint Managing Director of MitonOptimal Portfolio Management...

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MitonOptimal South Africa (Pty) Limited
Great Westerford,
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South Wing, 2nd Floor,
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South Africa


t: +27 (0) 21 689 3579
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Regulatory Information

MitonOptimal South Africa (Pty) Limited (Registration No. 2005/032750/07) is regulated by the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA).

MitonOptimal Portfolio Management (Pty) Limited is an Authorised Financial Services Provider License No. 734, regulated by the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) – Registered No. 2000/000717/07 – Vat No.4070188646.