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MitonOptimal offers a wide range of international funds, via its Guernsey office, licensed and regulated by the Guernsey Financial Services Commission (GFSC). The international range of MitonOptimal funds are sub-funds of the MitonOptimal Offshore Fund, allowing MitonOptimal to better manage costs and fees more efficiently.

The MitonOptimal Offshore Fund

The MitonOptimal Offshore Fund is a unit trust established in Guernsey which is structured in such a way as to enable the Manager and the Trustee to create a series of Sub-Funds, each with its own investment objective and a segregated pool of assets. Separate Classes of Units may be issued in respect of each Sub-Fund, in which Classes may apply a specific currency, denomination, hedging, initial or redemption charge structure, fee structure, minimum subscription amount or distribution policy or other terms as specified in the relevant Supplemental Scheme Particulars from time to time.

The MitonOptimal Offshore Fund (including each Sub-Fund and Class) is authorised by the GFSC as an authorised open-ended collective investment scheme of Class B.

Our sub-funds are further split into two specific types of fund i.e. the Core funds and the Best of Breed funds.

Core Funds

Our Core fund of funds offers a wide range of multi-asset and single-asset fund options, based on your risk profile and investment objectives.

Our Multi-Asset funds use a dynamic strategic asset allocation process, blending actively managed specialist funds and passive building blocks(ETFs), as appropriate. The purpose of our Multi-Asset Fund of Funds is to minimise the level of research and compliance risk for investors/financial advisors, over defined rolling periods, to enable the investor to better plan their income and growth expectations.

The purpose of our single-asset funds is to serve as specialist components within portfolios and other Multi-Asset Funds and are designed to be priced competitively, in order to better achieve the desired investment outcome in a cost-efficient manner. These funds can also be an integral part of client portfolio construction, offering greater diversification with an ability to dynamically rebalance a portfolio quickly.


Best of Breed Funds

Our ‘best of breed’ funds are designed to enable investors access to some of the best managers and fund ideas in the global market, taking advantage of their experience and skill within their area of expertise; opening that access to all levels of investor and intermediary, from small investors to larger experienced investors, in a cost-efficient manner.

For further information on our funds, please contact us directly and one of our team members will be pleased to answer any questions you may have.


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Regulatory Information

MitonOptimal Asia Pte Limited is registered in Singapore (Registration No. 201120369C), holds a Capital Markets Licence and is regulated in Singapore by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.