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Quarterly Newsletter – Q4, 2014

Quarterly Newsletter – Q4, 2014

The first quarter of 2015 is well under way and what an exciting start to the year it has been. The Swiss National Bank decided to unpeg the Swiss Franc from the Euro, causing a 20% move in the currency cross and unprecedented volatility. Syriza, an extreme left – anti-austerity political party, had a landslide victory

ETFs –Simple, but not straightforward

ETFs –Simple, but not straightforward

An Exchange Traded Fund (“ETF”) is, by definition, a fund; meaning a collection of investments that trade on an exchange, meaning latest traded prices are listed on an exchange to facilitate trade between counterparties. It does not mean that it trades at its fair value, as represented by its NAV; neither does it necessarily mean that it tracks

Getting Value Out of Value Investing

Buying shares based on value multiples, such as PE ratios, is a sound investment strategy which involves using very basic mathematics, by creating screening tools to find mispriced securities – relative to long term average multiples. An average is just that though, the mean between highs and lows, which by implication highlights that bubbles and crashes are


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