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Asset Allocation – Alternative Funds

Asset Allocation – Alternative Funds

One aspect of our multi-asset fund asset allocation that has historically taken up a lot of airtime during investment committee meetings is that of the ‘alternative’ sector, which can often be rather subjective in its interpretation and the subsequent merits about inclusion in the portfolios questioned. My own views are not necessarily representative of the

The Great Value Conundrum

The Great Value Conundrum

It is often said that the most dangerous words in investment are “This time it’s different”. Indeed, long-term economic and market cycles, the principle of mean reversion and the generally accepted tenet that, while history doesn’t necessarily repeat itself, it certainly rhymes, are all central to the philosophy of most asset managers. I can vividly

Blessed are the Cheesemakers?

Blessed are the Cheesemakers?

The unintended consequences of trade barriers. “Obviously it’s not meant to be taken literally; it refers to any manufacturers of dairy products” – Monty Python, Life of Brian As President Trump sets off trade clashes with countries across the world, traditional US business partners move towards retaliatory barriers to American goods. For US cheesemakers, the

Brexit: Where on earth are we up to?

Blockchain Technology – “A Solution still seeking a Problem.”

The quote “A Solution still seeking a Problem.” is taken from the Barclays Equity Gilt Study 2018 and summarises succinctly theirs, and a growing number of other institutions’, view of Blockchain technology. Putting it another way, the technology involved in Blockchain is both impressive and potentially useful, if we could only find a suitable use


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