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Roeloff Horne - MitonOptimal - Fake NewsRoeloff Horne appears on the FMR101.3 Fine Business Radio Show with Lindsay Williams (April 306, 2018) to discuss the markets and the importance of learning to cut through the chatter to get to the whole picture, before making investment decisions, as well as trying to understand your sources of information in an age where we are swamped with data and “Fake News”, but how much of it can you really trust?

[Source: FMR101.3 – Lindsay Williams – April 306, 2018]

The show’s host, Lindsay Williams (, presents individual features that are aimed to broaden the target audience and distinguish FBR from the present clutch of shows that follow similar formats, and that target the same interviews, with the same people, on the same night. FBR will broadcast from the Artscape theatre complex, Monday to Friday, 6-7pm.


MitonOptimal International Limited
Les Vardes House
La Charroterie
St Peter Port
GY1 1EL​
Channel Islands

Regulatory Information

MitonOptimal International Limited is registered in Guernsey (Registration No. 51561) and is the overlying holding company of the companies that make up the MitonOptimal Group.
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