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CityWire Global IconUS politics is in limbo and whoever assumes the presidency needs to realise that the last thing they should do is isolate Iran, according to Charlemagne Capital’s Dominic Bokor-Ingram. Speaking to Citywire Selector, Ingram, who runs the Charlemagne Magna New Frontiers fund and also manages the Iran-focused Turquoise Variable Capital Investment fund, said isolating Iran by the US could mean Islamic State (IS) gains control of Iranian cities.

“President Rouhani needs to show the positive impacts of a deal otherwise the deal itself will be questioned more and more. You have to generate economic growth somehow and the US have been very slow in clarifying the rules of engagement for foreign companies, and particularly banks, wishing to trade with Iran.”

“The US have been very slow to clarify what the big global banks are allowed to do with regards to Iran, and  because of the fines that have been levied in the past, the global banks are reluctant to engage with Iran.”

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[Source: Citywire - by Terri-Ann Williams - October 31, 2016]


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