Client Portfolio Management Services

MitonOptimal operates a highly successful Client Portfolio Management service for its international clients, With an ever-growing number of offices globally, MitonOptimal manages an increasing number of client portfolios, both directly and on behalf of Trustees and IFAs. We aim to consistently meet the needs of our clients.

We offer investment guidance and evaluate products and funds which match the needs and risk profiles of the many and varied clients. Today, as a part of the MitonOptimal group of companies that has approximately GPB818m under management. Portfolios are constructed in a cost-efficient manner, based on the size of the portfolio and after discussion with our clients, Trustee or IFA.

MitonOptimal takes a long-term view to client portfolio management, seeking to generate strong risk-adjusted returns above that achievable from cash or cash equivalents. We implement our investment philosophy by ensuring that simple, logical, fundamentals are the primary drivers determining how, where, when and why we invest money.

As a primarily multi-manager investor, we aim to identify proven managers whose investment approach dovetails with our ‘back to basics’ principles, for each of the asset classes, sectors or investment strategies we wish to access. We then blend an optimal mix of these managers into our portfolios, diversifying across a spread of underlying investments.

We consider the assessment of risk as being equally, if not more, important than that of potential return opportunities. To achieve our primary consideration of risk reduction, we have developed a core/satellite approach to investment management.

Our Investment Philosophy

The key to successful investment management is to structure a portfolio to achieve the investor’s objectives within a suitable risk profile. A comprehensive review of the client’s needs and objectives are essential if the result is to be achieved with a minimum of risk.

MitonOptimal’s aim is to provide the investor with real returns over a set period. We aim to maintain the integrity of the solution for a client, employing the target and mandates of funds, qualifying our choice of funds by due process. Asset managers and their techniques are employed to beat the volatility of the related market segment as well as their respective targets for returns. Our Portfolio Management team have many years of experience as investment advisors and/or investment management. We use a rigorous process to finalise our approach to investment management.


At MitonOptimal we diversify geographically, across managers, strategies and asset classes.

The Investment Team

The Investment team carries out fundamental and quantitative fund analysis and ongoing reviews of portfolio holdings, reporting their findings and making recommendations to the Investment Management Committee (IMC).

They also prepare portfolio attribution analysis and economic data required for the monthly IMC meetings.

Whilst the team is responsible for research into specialist investment areas and/or themes, for such projects they will typically receive direct support and input from one or more other IMC members for such initiatives.

The Investment Process

investment process follows a well established and recognised five stages:

  • Stage 1: Strategic analysis
  • Stage 2: Asset allocation
  • Stage 3: Fund selection
  • Stage 4: Portfolio construction
  • Stage 5: Performance and risk monitoring


Implementation and Ongoing Evaluation Process

On-going evaluation provides reflection on the performance and outcomes of the investment strategies and enables the portfolio managers to analyse decisions that were previously made, this allows the investment team time to reflect on the outcomes and understand the relevance, effectiveness, efficiency and consistency of the investment strategies or thesis.

On-going evaluation enables the team to develop internally and improve on aspects of investment construction and thinking.  Thus allowing the portfolio managers and investment team the opportunity to evaluate the results and articulate this into constructive future objectives.  The results of which can then be shared with our DFM partners.

We Offer Security

MitonOptimal utilises a third party custodian thus ring-fencing client assets. We manage the portfolio allocation and can switch funds and strategies according to the agreed mandate, risk appetite and objectives.

For further information or assistance

Simply contact us and we shall be pleased to assist you and provide further information.  If more convenient to you, we can arrange for one of our client management team to visit you or your financial adviser.


MitonOptimal Portfolio Management (CI) Limited
PO Box 354,
St Peter Port,


+44 (0)1481 740044

Regulatory Information

MitonOptimal Portfolio Management (CI) Limited (Registration No. 36763) is licensed and regulated by the Guernsey Financial Services Commission under the Protection of Investors (Bailiwick of Guernsey) Law 1987, as amended.

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