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Discretionary Fund Management (DFM)

MitonOptimal offers a range of Discretionary Fund Management ( DFM ) services to assist financial planners in offering their clients sound investment advice and effective implementation of that advice: a key to the FP’s value proposition. To do this properly is becoming a time- and resource-intensive exercise and the growing implications of getting it wrong are increasingly severe.

As a DFM manager, MitonOptimal partners with an ever-growing number of financial planners who recognize the importance of the investment function and the long-term benefit of sharing that responsibility with investment specialists; freeing themselves to focus on client relationships and on other aspects of their business, thereby adding even more value to their clients. MitonOptimal sees this whole process as a long-term partnership solution, leaving all partners to concentrate on what they do best and ensuring that the clients reap the benefits.

What DFM services do we offer?

We offer three simple DFM services, based on the premise of treating clients fairly, the size of their portfolio, the client’s investment mandate and a desire to keep all costs to a minimum. We offer these services globally, via our Guernsey and South Africa offices.

Managed Model Portfolios

These are a range of managed multi-asset portfolios that have a range of several objectives, acceptable volatility bands and time horizons, which are available on Life Company or Nominee platform.

Should you require it, when you are using these portfolios, we will assist you with the Investment Advice you provide and sign-off on your Record of Advice.

Tailored Model Portfolios

These are customized multi-asset portfolios whose different investment objectives over various time horizons are specifically to meet advisers’ structured specifications and for their exclusive access.

These portfolios will be set up on Life Company or Nominee platforms.

Where appropriate, we will establish an Investment Committee, with your participation, to oversee the portfolios.

Bespoke Portfolios

These are personalized portfolios, developed for individual high net worth clients according to their specific needs.

Where appropriate, we will meet individually with these clients in partnership with you.

For more information on our Discretionary Fund Management (DFM) services available in your region, please contact us directly and we will be pleased to provide that information or discuss your needs.

Why partner with MitonOptimal as your DFM?

  • Independence: We are an independent, owner-managed investment business, with a presence in the Channel Islands, South Africa and the United Kingdom. We are platform, fund and fund manager agnostic.
  • Investment expertise: We have experienced investment teams, located in both Guernsey and South Africa, who are focused on investment research and portfolio management.
  • One size does not fit all: We customize our services to your needs as a financial planner and business owner.
  • Administrative experience: We have administered model portfolios for well over a decade and have a highly experienced client service team to provide high-quality administrative support.
  • Track record: We have offered DFM services, both internationally and in South Africa, for over a decade.

What are the benefits of using MitonOptimal’s services?

  • We help your clients achieve their investment goals consistently over time.
  • We help you meet your regulatory and compliance obligations.
  • We reduce your risk in respect of investment advice, implementation and reporting.
  • We enable you to provide your clients with customized, branded investment reporting.
  • We free up your time so that you can focus on other areas of business that are of most benefit to your business and your clients.
  • We can facilitate succession planning and a smoother transition of clients, through having model portfolios in place.

What DFM services do you get if you partner with MitonOptimal?

  • We construct, monitor, manage and review discretionary and compulsory model portfolios.
  • We research asset classes and make strategic and tactical asset allocation decisions.
  • We research and select active and passive fund managers and investment products after conducting a full due diligence.
  • We provide regular, comprehensive and customized reporting to you and your clients.
  • We provide full administrative support in the set-up, implementation and ongoing management of portfolios.
  • We co-brand Monthly portfolio sheets for each portfolio.
  • We co-brand Quarterly reports offering market, manager and portfolio commentary.
  • Where appropriate, we offer regular meetings with portfolio managers.
For more information on our DFM services please contact us directly.


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Regulatory Information

MitonOptimal International Limited is registered in Guernsey (Registration No. 51561) and is the overlying holding company of the companies that make up the MitonOptimal Group.
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