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MitonOptimal’s fund management team boasts a wealth of experience in multi-asset investing, focused on producing real returns with low volatility over the course of a full economic cycle.

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MitonOptimal’s Sullivan ups UK REIT exposure for ‘incredible value on offer’

James Sullivan has said UK real estate is one of the most attractive areas of the market, particularly REITs where he said "share prices have overshot on the downside".     In a portfolio update, Sullivan said the 40% discounts currently on offer from real estate...

The meteoric expansion of global debt (and what comes next)

Phil Penrose discusses the expansion of global debt in the wake of a stronger US Dollar.       A decade after the global financial crisis, increasing levels of debt in prominent developing economies are driving fears of a new panic that could spread far beyond the...

The challenge of allocating to ‘Alternative’ funds

James Sullivan explains why his allocation to 'Alternatives' is at a multi-year low.       One aspect of our multi-asset fund asset allocation that, historically, has taken up a lot of airtime during investment committee meetings is that of the ‘alternative’ sector,...

Seeking closure on the ‘Growth vs Value’ debate

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change”     The valuation differential between traditional value and growth indices has been at record levels; never before has this...

Blessed are the Cheesemakers? The unintended consequences of trade barriers.

“Obviously it’s not meant to be taken literally; it refers to any manufacturers of dairy products”        - Monty Python, Life of Brian     As President Trump sets off trade clashes with countries across the world, traditional US business partners move towards...

Why now is the time to buy US Treasuries

In recent months we have been buying 0-5 year US inflation-linked bonds (TIPS) as a defensive move to get exposure to the US dollar.     At the time of purchase, we viewed the US bond market as still offering little value against a background of further monetary...

The Tullock Spike

James Sullivan ponders a misplaced sense of insulation created by the Central Banks.       The Tullock Spike was the thought piece of the economist Gordon Tullock. Tullock, at the time seatbelts were made mandatory in cars, suggested that such a safety measure made...

Rotating out of German residential into UK commercial property

James Sullivan breaks down the geographical shift in our REIT exposure.       We adopt a valuation-led approach to investing; pursuing themes and asset classes that offer us significant upside potential, yet possess what we expect to be defensive characteristics on...

Surveying the investment landscape

Peter Geikie-Cobb provides an update on his market views and outlook for 2018.       After a robust performance for risk assets in 2017, as a result of strong global economic growth driven by continued low interest rates and ample liquidity, the outlook for this year...

Press Release: Peter Geikie-Cobb to join MitonOptimal UK Limited

MitonOptimal (UK) Ltd is pleased to report that Peter Geikie-Cobb will be joining the company from April 9th 2018 to work alongside James Sullivan and the team across the multi-asset suite of funds and risk profiled model portfolios. Peter will adopt the title of...

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