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The MitonOptimal group of companies are independent multi-asset investment managers, via our growing global office network, our primary business focus is the delivery of Discretionary Fund Management and Client Portfolio Management services to a global client base of intermediary and private clients.

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Get the most from the MitonOptimal Group website by visiting your local regional offices in Guernsey, South Africa, the United Kingdom and Jersey, to learn more about MitonOptimal and our successful range of investment management services.

Our Services

Discretionary Fund Management

We have developed a successful range of DFM services in partnership with a growing number of intermediary clients, to meet the investment needs of their respective clients.

Client Portfolio Management

We offer a bespoke range of Client Portfolio Management services to many clients across the world. 

Institutional Asset Consulting

Our Institutional Asset Consulting Service in based in South Africa

Fund Services

The MitonOptimal group of companies offer a number of Dublin, Guernsey and South Africa domiciled investment fund options.

About Us

The MitonOptimal group of companies is an independent multi-asset investment manager, majority owned by our management and directors. We employ over 60 staff across offices in Guernsey, South Africa, the United Kingdom and Jersey. With combined assets under management (AUM) of approximately GBP818m, our highly experienced investment management team has been investing MitonOptimal client money for over 16 years. We offer a broad range of global Discretionary Fund Management (DFM), Portfolio Management, Managed Model Portfolios, Institutional Asset Consulting and regulated funds services to our clients, via well-established and regulated distribution channels across Europe, Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, The Middle East and South America.

Scott Campbell, the Group’s Managing Director and Chief Investment Officer, initially established MitonOptimal in 2002. Today, focussing on our primary service offering of Discretionary Fund Management (DFM), Portfolio Management, Managed Model Portfolios and Institutional Asset Consulting services, we cater for a diverse spectrum of private clients, independent financial advisers (IFAs), Fiduciaries, family offices and Trustees/institutional clients around the globe.

In our role as Investment Managers, the common denominator across all of our products and services is Global Multi-Asset Management. Our investment philosophy is unashamedly simple, “diversification, through unconstrained global asset allocation, within an absolute mindset”, with the aim of achieving our clients’ objectives, through the management and control of risk. We are a closely knit team of professionals that recognise the importance of focus. That focus does not simply translate to our approach to investment management services; it also reflects our strong belief in offering our clients face to face, personalised relationships with their investment manager. We treat the client exactly how we would wish to be treated.

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MitonOptimal International Limited is registered in Guernsey (Registration No. 51561) and is the overlying holding company of the companies that make up the MitonOptimal Group.